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A Landscaping Company in Elmwood Park, IL That Goes Beyond Expectations

Did you just move? If you think that your lawn needs a lot of work, you can count on Ramirez Landscaping.  We’re excited to make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood. With our landscaping solutions in Elmwood Park, IL, you can now invite your friends and relatives to a classy lawn party. We’ll make you proud.

Ramirez Landscaping
Elmwood Park, IL 60707
Area served: Oak Park
Phone: (630) 276-8615

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Ramirez Landscaping is a trusted company for your landscaping design, installation, and restoration. We’ll put life to your garden, making sure that they have a character that reflects your refine tastes and fits the motif of your house. Many of our works aren’t just visually appealing but also, comforting. We’ll design and built them thinking about your experience.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Whether it’s winter or summer, we got the best lawn care for your garden. We do mowing, weed removal, grass removal, edging, fertilization, and so much more. Watching your lush lawn bath in sunlight makes our hearts pound. We’re proud of what we do so allow us to demonstrate our capabilities. Your lawn’s life is our number one priority.

Tree Services

 Tree Services

No matter how tall or big your trees are, we’ll remove them easily and safely. We also do trimming, pruning, and stump removal. With our cutting edge tools and highly experienced tree climbers, we can cut and uproot log with ease. If you want, we can cut them to pieces. As a lawn service provider, we can do the clearing of the site for you.

Our Landscaping Process

Lawn serviceAs soon as you book for our service, our landscapers will hear your concerns and plans. We’ll visit the site, if necessary before providing recommendations. We’ll be your perfect partner for planning. We’ll handle the preparation and pay great attention to the execution. As long as there’s no inevitable external factor involved such as a sudden change of weather, expect that everything will proceed as planned. We’ll never miss a schedule, not even for the lawn care. We’ll follow safety protocols and hear your thoughts about our performance before calling it a day.

When to DIY or Hire a Professional?

Tree servicesAre you tempted to DIY? Indeed, it’s a cost-effective alternative for some people. ‘Some’ because that’s not always the case for everybody. It’s costly in many angles. You got to buy the tools, use resources on trials and errors, not to mention that you got to spend time to perfect it. Jobs such as tree removal require a lot of skills and experience. You can be severely injured if you’re not careful, and sadly, this isn’t even the worst.

Don’t take the risks and contact the pros today. We can offer cost-effective solutions. We can perform the job safely and efficiently. Great lawn service and landscaping solutions await you here. Use it to raise the value of your property and improve the quality of your life.

For more information about our lawn maintenance and other interesting solutions in Elmwood Park, IL, don’t hesitate to reach us. Ramirez Landscaping is ready to make your vision real. 

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Client’s Testimonial

by Kate M. on Ramirez Landscaping
Very Satisfied

I don't need to wake up every morning worrying about my lawn. I know that this company will come to do it. They'll even notify me as soon as they have finished the landscaping service. If I got complaints or instructions, I knew that they'll professionally answer my questions.